What is Simply Mobilizing?

Simply Mobilizing (SM) is a movement that seeks to encourage the participation of all God’s people into active involvement in the world Christian movement. It is an outgrowth of the Kairos Course and builds on the success of this movement, that is now in more than seventy countries around the world.  
Simply Mobilizing builds on the Kairos Course movement in the following ways:
1.     By producing multiple mobilization courses and programs.
2.     By helping those called to mobilization identify mobilization as a God given ministry; provide training and equipping; and assist mobilizers to become established in fruitful mobilization ministries.
3.    By working towards seeing the ministry of mobilization become an accepted and sought after ministry by local churches and other expressions of the Body of Christ.
SM advocates, primarily, for one of several vital expression of the ministry of mobilization, known by various terms including; level one mobilization; general mobilization and/or; prophetic mobilization.
Level one mobilization is defined as a prophetic ministry to the Body of Christ that helps to provide the knowledge of the mission of God and the mission of God’s people, in such a way, so as to encourage active participation by all.  


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