Tribe of Mobilizers

The Tribe of Mobilizers is a term we have coined to identify a very important  component to the  Simply Mobilizing movement. This being the identification, training, equipping and releasing into fruitful ministry of people called to the prophetic ministry of mobilizing! 
In the past, mobilizers and the mobilizing ministry has suffered due mainly, I believe, to  isolation and primarily isolation from eachother.  This has been due, mainly, I believe, because of confusion, uncertainties and the doubts  surrounding the biblical validity of this ministry, not only within the body of Christ but with mobilizers themselves. 
This we need to see changed. We desperately need to see this God ordained ministry of mobilizing recognized, established and flourishing within the Body of Christ.  
It is our conviction that mobilizers can become an extremely helpful ministry to the Body of Christ, as the Church seeks to fulfill its calling for world mission.  Mobilizers and the mobilizing ministry, however, needs to grow and it can only successfully do this in the context of community.
Tribes, in an anthropological sense, have a common culture, language and customs. These traits provide them with an identity, a sense of togetherness, security, strength, power and beauty and with the ability to survive and thrive in the face of negative forces. Without these traits a tribe simply cannot exist and/or when a tribe begins losing these traits the process of disintegration sets in!
The Tribe of Mobilizers can and needs to develop common traits to grow and thrive as other ‘ministry tribes’ have done in the past – ministry tribes such as the tribe of pastors, the tribe of missionaries, the tribe or teachers and evangelists etc.

Simply Mobilizing will be helping to provide support for the growth of the tribe of prophetic mobilizers, through; communication, training, equipping with mobilization tools and programs, conferences and anything else that will enhance the growth, identity and effectives of this tribe in bringing its Kingdom value to the Body of Christ.