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Critical Issues of Mobilization

Has Mission Come Full Circle?
Interpreting Scripture in the Context of Mission
Critical Issues: Defining ‘MISSION’ and Mission Terms

Mission Challenges

The Things That MUST Happen Before the Lord Will Return
The World Christian Movement – A Double-Edged Sword
So, What’s Gone Wrong?
Saved by Grace, Saved for Works: What are the Works we have been Saved For?
Nameless Workers – the Future of the World Christian Movement
Visions, Dreams and Prophecies – Standard New Testament Practice!
The Ministry of All Believers – No Age or Gender Restrictions
The Ministry of All Believers for the World Christian Movement
Old Testament, Gospels, Book of Acts and Early Church. Where are we now heading?
The Coming of the Holy Spirit
The Amazing Growth of the Early Church
The Gospel and Acts – A Seamless Connection
Luke’s Sequel – The Book of Acts!
Jesus, a ‘Movement Messiah’
Christianity as a ‘Movement’

Mobilization and the Local Church

Mobilizers – Preparing A People for Eternity

Mobilization as a Ministry Calling

Mobilization – As A Journey
Understanding the Nature of Missions Today
Is This The Most Inspired Idea to Accelerate Missions Today?
Mobilizers and the ‘Go’ in the Great Commission
The Ministry of Mobilization – A Summary
Understanding the Foundation Upon Which the Church is Built
The Time is NOW
What Makes the Devil Really Mad?
Should Mobilizers be ‘Full Time’?
Do We Need Schools for Mobilizers?
Mobilization Involves All the Ministries
The Three Levels of Mobilization
As Mobilizers We Need to Clarify Our Message
The Lost Tribe of The Church
Mobilizers – Preparing People for Eternity (Pt 2)
Mobilizers – Preparing People for Eternity
The Mobilizer’s Highest Calling
The Difference Between Apostles and Prophets
Mobilizing – A Valid Biblical Ministry
A Local Church Paul Might be Proud Of