Mobiology is an area of practical theology that addresses the need for the active involvement of all God’s people in the world Christian movement. It explores reasons why this is important from God’s Kingdom perspective both in fulfilling God’s mission agenda and his agenda for His Church.

Mobiology is concerned with:

  • Providing Biblical understanding that clarifies God’s Kingdom purpose from before the world began to God’s end vision.
  • Clarifying a Christian world-view that incorporates an understanding of not only what we have been saved from but what we have been saved for.
  • Providing Biblical teaching and strategic reasons as to why every believer ought to be ‘gainfully employed’ in the world Christian movement.
  • Providing local churches and local church leadership with both understanding and assistance in transitioning beyond simply providing a place or nurture to providing a place where God’s people can be both nurtured and equipped and released into Kingdom ministry. A place where true missional discipleship can and should take place.
  • Providing a clear and thorougher Biblical perspective on the ministry of mobilizing as it relates to both the prophetic and apostolic ministries within the Church.

Note:  Mobiology is a new term and discipline of Theology. Theology itself has been around since the 2nd Century and continues its development up until now. Missiology – an area of practical theology that studies the mandate, message and mission of the Church especially its cross-cultural nature  – is a fairly new discipline arriving on the scene only in the 19th Century.  We welcome ‘mobiology’ to the many expressions of practical theology and look forward to its development and potentially, massive contribution to the world Christian movement – arguably the area of theology missing from the Church for far too long!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Great and awesome.
    May God bless you!


  2. Barry Ilunga says:

    How I desire to see every local church pastor to hear of these things!


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