Mobilizers – Preparing a People for Eternity

This ‘age’ is as much about the perfecting of the Church as it is about making disciples of all nations!  An idea, we Mobilizers, often neglect at our peril! These two great themes run like parallel tracks throughout scripture!  God taking out of the world a people for His name (Ac 15: 13-18) and God…

The Mobilizer’s Highest Calling

How do we equate ‘success’ in mission mobilization? Well, I think for most of us, it is what we have managed to get people to do for mission that would determine success. I would like to suggest that this is far below what a true mobilizer/prophet is ‘called’ to do!

The Difference Between Apostles and Prophets

The best book I have read on Apostles was written by Dr. Larry Caldwell entitled ‘Sent Out.’ In his book, Dr. Caldwell, in a scholarly fashion, connects the ministry of Apostles with those who advance the gospel into frontier regions where Christ is not yet named! Missionaries planting churches among unreached peoples have the most…

A Local Church Paul Might be Proud Of

Most Christians are connected with a local church or, at the least, most would have experienced their informative days as a Christian, in a local church – believers in the non-western world even more so as they place very high value on community.