Understanding the Foundation Upon Which the Church is Built

Paul is very clear – Jesus Christ is the foundation upon which the Church is built (1Co 3:11). He elaborates further, however, when writing to the Ephesian believers and explains that Jesus is the chief cornerstone and apostles and prophets are included in forming that, all important, foundation upon which the Church is built (Eph…

The Time is NOW

One of the many things Mobilizers have in common, with each other, is the unshakeable belief, that the time for God’s people to be actively engaged in the world Christian movement is NOW!

What Makes the Devil Really Mad?

The Devil is as ‘mad as hell,’ excuse the expression, when people are snatched from his Kingdom and ushered into the Kingdom of Christ.  He becomes ‘madder than hell’ when ‘believers’ catch the full reason for why they have been saved and begin living and serving appropriately!

Should Mobilizers be ‘Full Time’?

The rediscovery of a vital expression of the ministry of the Prophet, as a Mobilizer, will undoubtedly prove to be a catalyst for a significant upsurge in the participation by the Body of Christ in the world Christian movement. Once, that is, the Mobilizers are identified, equipped, released into ministry and become a coherent ministry…

Do We Need Schools for Mobilizers?

As ‘laborers together with God’ (1Co 3:9), the tension is always, what does God do and what do we do?  To place everything in God’s corner is as unbiblical as placing everything in our corner!