Mobilization – As A Journey

Mobilization is a journey, not an event. Seminars, courses and other mobilization programs are the events. The journey into active and fruitful participation in the world Christian movement is a journey that demands many ‘events’ and a lot of personal processing of what these events provide, in the form of new information and challenges.

Understanding the Nature of Missions Today

Never before in mission history has the world existed as it does today – never before have the opportunities for harvest been so favorable, and never before has the need for mobilization been so urgent!  

Mobilizers and the ‘Go’ in the Great Commission

Peter Wagner points out that the main verb in the Great Commission is ‘make disciples’ (Mt 28:18-20). However the first verb to appear in the Great Commission is ‘GO’.  Making disciples, of all nations, for sure, is not possible without the ‘going.’

The Ministry of Mobilization – A Summary

Over the past months I have been writing on the subject of  ‘The Ministry of Mobilization.’  I have endeavored to explain, as clearly as I could, the biblical, historical and current significance of this ministry – how God used it in the Old Testament, why Jesus gave this ministry to the Church following His ascension…