About Max

Max, together with his wife Dorothy, have been based in the Philippines since the late 1970s.

Max and Dorothy

Max and Dorothy founded the organization Living Springs International (LSI) in response to a clear call to help mobilize the Filipino Church towards cross-cultural ministry to unreached peoples. Together with their Filipino team they produced the Kairos Course, a mission mobilization course, designed for local churches and Christian organizations.

With help from a growing international team, the Kairos Course is now in its fourth edition and being used throughout the Philippines and in more than seventy countries around the world.

Of recent, Max has provided leadership for the development of the Simply Mobilizing movement that focuses on; the mobilization of all God’s people towards meaningful involvement in the world Christian movement and on; assisting local church and church leadership to equip God’s people for effective service in today’s world.

Aided by a very competent national and international team Max and Dorothy continue to produce multiple mobilization programs and encouragement to the training of mobilizers and the growth of the mobilization movement.

Max and Dorothy come from New Zealand. They have two children and five grandchildren.


  1. I found this blogspot after completing the Kairos program in the United States. I found it inspiring and educational, so proceeded to complete the Facilitator training. I’d like to know more about the Hebrew term “Khevra” defined in Chapter 5 – Mission Strategy in the article by you and Bob Blincoe. The reader defines it as “a Jewish missionary band that would compass sea and land to make proselytes (Matt 23:15)”, and proceeds to state that Jesus and the twelve disciples were an example of a Khevra. Standard internet searches turned up very little useful information on the term itself. Can you provide, or direct me to, some additional resources to solidify that definition? For perspective, I’m not questioning the definition. In fact, I have spoken with other Christians for years about the missionary directive for the nation of Israel, but somehow had never heard of Khevra. So it makes sense that there is a word for it … and now I have one! But I’d like to be able to share with others the background to it’s definition.


  2. Max Chismon says:

    Hi Randy, could u pls connect with me by email (mchismon@gmail.com) and I will send you additional reference material! The late Dr Ralph Winter coined the terms Modality (local church) and Sodality (mission agency) which we used in the first three editions of Kairos but these terms never really caught on and they were not that well liked! The Hebrew Khevra and the Greek Synagogue in contrast has received a very positive reception and has helped to legitimize these two structures. I do have some additional reference material which I can pass on to u! Blessings!


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