Should Mobilizers be ‘Full Time’?

pexels-photo (1)The rediscovery of a vital expression of the ministry of the Prophet, as a Mobilizer, will undoubtedly prove to be a catalyst for a significant upsurge in the participation by the Body of Christ in the world Christian movement. Once, that is, the Mobilizers are identified, equipped, released into ministry and become a coherent ministry expression (Tribe)!

The ‘world Christian movement’ demands that Christians interact with people and with ‘peoples’ through their work and through social and community activities. This involves the ministry OF the Church or being ‘salt’ and ‘light’ (Mt 5:13-14).

The Prophet/Mobilizer, along with the other fivefold ministries, are best understood as ministries IN the Church. This is the ministry of equipping God’s people for works of service so God’s people can effectively do the ministry OF the Church!

Most of the fivefold ministries of the New Testament (Eph 4:11), including that of the Prophet/Mobilizer, would, I believe, be most effective when engaged in ‘fulltime’ – without the distraction of having to seek other employment for financial needs! There will always be some exceptions to this, and I know of some personally, but in general, I believe we need to see Mobilizers released full time to this critical ministry in this critical time!

There already are many of the fivefold ministries that, in general, follow a pattern of fulltime employment in their ministry to the Body of Christ and are supported by the community of God’s people. I would like to suggest that the ministry of the Prophet/Mobilizer be included among them!

Jesus’ Example

The fact that Jesus went ‘full time’ and demanded that his followers – those he called apostles – do the same (Mt 19:16-22), suggests that Jesus not only did this for his immediate ministry but as a model for the Church to follow!

The Early Church Followed Jesus’ Example

The early Apostles and the early Church, having learnt the ‘full time’ model well from Jesus, continued this same pattern for those whose ministry was primarily IN the Church (Gal 6:6, 1Ti 5:17-18, 1Co 9: 3-10, 3 Jn 5-8).

In every generation, I believe, there are those whom God calls to ‘leave their nets’ to follow Him!

In fact, when those whom God calls to ‘leave their nets’, are prevented from doing so, due to income concerns, the work of God falls into decline (Neh 13:10-12).

Of significance to us, is the ministry of the Prophet! Can you think of any of the Old Testament Prophets, who exercised the most common of prophetic ministries, which was to bring God’s people back to God and to obedience and to service – who were not full time?

Mobilizers are prophets – called to draw God’s people back to God, to a place of devotion and obedience. There are people who mobilize and then there are Mobilizers who mobilize – the latter minister most effectively, in general, when they are full time!

The Fallacy of Multitasking

I was somewhat taken aback recently when a particular news report came on a cable news channel that I was watching at the time, dismissing the ‘so called’ benefits of multitasking – often attributed to people of exceptional ability. The report concluded that multitasking done by whoever is never as effective as a single focus on one task!
The benefits of ‘full time’ Mobilizers, as I see it, would be:
  • They would be able to devote both quality and quantity time to their ministry.
  • It would help the Body of Christ become more aware of this ministry and its value to the Body.
  • The mobilization ‘tools’ Mobilizers could make available to the Body would be better and therefore more highly valued.
  • The Mobilizers ‘TRIBE’ would be more coherent, connected, united and identified as a significant ministry expression to the Body.

Are there other benefits you can think of?

Make a comment and let me know, or make a comment reflecting a different view on this subject!  Would love to hear from you!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Bro. Max,

    I see my role in mission as a mobilizer. Thanks for the CWMC/Kairos that made it even clearer.

    I agree that if I devote myself in a “full time” capacity, there will be more to accomplish. However, if we idealize the “full time” status, we are minimizing what one accomplishes in his or her own circumstances.

    Towards the end of his life, Paul's farewell to the Ephesian elders tell us what he practiced about supporting himself and ministry. “I have not coveted anyone's silver or gold or clothing. You yourselves know that these hands of mine have supplied my own needs and the needs of my own companion” (Ac. 20:33-34). We do not know what percent he earned through tentmaking, preaching/teaching and support from the churches. We can assume that since Paul was making a point with his hardworking hands, he must have been making tents quite a lot. I cannot imagine Paul thinking he was not working “full time” because he was doing things other that preaching or teaching.

    This is an excellent model that a mobilizer can use in places or circumstances he/she is in. May be a “full time” mobilizer's job can be done by 3-5 tentmakers. It is just as strategic and a multiplier for the work of mission. I work as full time for 25 years and now using Paul's model. I understand the challenges for both.

    Wilfred Tejano


  2. Max Chismon says:

    Thanks Wilfred for your comments. It is always so helpful getting such feedback!
    Yes, I concur. Not all will be full time, any more than all pastors,
    evangelists teachers should be full time – indeed not all are called to
    'leave their nets' to follow Jesus and it's not up to anyone to demand they
    do. It is Jesus who decides who should and who shouldn't. However, if I am
    reading things correctly, I do see God emphasizing this mobilizing aspect
    of the prophetic ministry today! There will always be those who mobilize
    but we first and foremost need Mobilizers who mobilize – if you can
    appreciate the difference! Mobilizers who mobilize will not only mobilize
    and help others to mobilize – they will also help to 'showcase' this
    ministry to the Body in such a way that it will gain greater credibility!
    Perhaps only when this happens will the Body begin financially supporting
    Mobilizers as they would any other legitimate ascension ministry, gifted
    to the Body!

    My prayer with this blog post series is that there will be Mobilizers
    called by Jesus who perhaps for the first time in their lives accept the
    fact that this is their primary calling in life for ministry! Not
    something they do because other more “important” ministry hasn't opened
    for them etc.


  3. Max,

    I see and understand where you are coming from in regards to having mobilizers mobilizing full time, meaning apart from work they do. It is even something that I have been considering over in my head, heart and as I look to the future, through prayer. Yet I still see the benefit of having mobilizers who work as well.

    I see what you mean about the full timer being able to devote a higher quality, bring a greater understanding, and at the same time show others that it is as much a part of the body as a pastor or servant. But at the same time, I have seen it be fairly difficult to interact and prod around through people's hearts when you haven't spent much time around them. Those who work full time would continually be calling people to action, nearly always working around those that are on board with them, rarely being able to develop relationships with those not on board with them. Yes The Lord would work through them as they gave large talks and conferences, but at the same time, they would find it very difficult to come back to a real level where people could even find a means to relate to them.

    While it is true that The Lord works through people speaking in front of congregations and things, I believe He has also called us to help develop their worldviews. How can that be done if they aren't near those who need developing? I believe it really won't happen unless they are around those who need the developing, building relationships.

    I post this to ask how all of these factors come in to play, at least in your eyes.


  4. Max Chismon says:

    Thanks 'Stepping Stone' for your comments. Yes, your points are good and valid – as are the points raised for some to be 'full time' mobilizers! I think 'full time' mobilizers need to grow into a full time ministry and not just jump straight into this – for the reasons you have raised! Perhaps we need both – as we journey further into this ministry the both/and and not either/or approach will become more apparent!
    Many thanks, Max


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